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Access Control Solutions

Comvision are certified and trained Value Added Resellers of the TDSI, Interlogix and Lenel product range. These manufacturers cater for most security applications from small domestic installations to the largest airport, prison and educational facility. The products have been designed to cater for the specific needs of these applications with flexible product design and application specific products. Wireless access control technology is now available by way of the Assa Abloy Aperio lock system. This technology has been integrated into our product range making it possible to mix traditional wired access control doors with wireless technology. This can dramatically reduce the cost of an access control system. We are highly experienced in the design and implementation of large scale access control systems and have the technical expertise to implement virtualised redundant server solutions spaning across multiple sites. TDSI is one of the world’s leading suppliers of integrated access control systems, offering an extensive range of readers, controllers and software systems. Since the formation of TDSI 30 years ago, they have successfully supplied systems across the world, with serval million card holders benefitting from TDSI access control systems each and every day. The Interlogix and Lenel products provide a range of intrusion and access control solutions to suit almost any security requirement. With a range of commercial and enterprise solutions within the Tecom, Facilities Commander and Lenel portfolio, Interlogix’s wide variety of solutions is just one of the reasons why Interlogix is a great choice for your security needs.

Video Surveillance Solutions

Comvision are certified and trained Value Added Resellers of the TDSI and Interlogix product range together with the Longreach, Hikvision and Milestone solutions. Weare highly experienced in the design and implementation of large scale digital IP solutions and the integration of these solutions into Command and Control Centres. Our Longreach suite of products are specifically designed to cater for manned control room environments where virtual matrix video walls can be implemented to create unlimited digital monitor walls controllable from central command console workstations.

Security cameras


Intruder Alarms Solutions

Comvision are certified and trained Value Added Resellers of the TDSI, Interlogix product range together with the Texecom and Inner Range solutions. The intruder systems can stand alone or be integrated into an access control system or a Command and Control environment.

Integrated Software Solutions

Comvision are highly experienced in the design and implementation of integrated security solutions and the production of bespoke security applications. We are one of a few security companies that have our own internal software development team and are therefore able to create specialised integrated solutions without the restraints of relying on specialised oversees resource. A recent project includes a TDSI Prison Access Control system integrated into the correctional services prisoner Time and Attendance system which will dynamically control prisoner movement throughout the prison using biometric reader technology. Another recent project was to interface laser detection technology into the Longreach Command and Control System to detect and control over height vehicles entering into a loading dock.

Command and Control Solutions

Comvision are highly experienced in the design and implementation of Security Control Rooms and Integrated Command and Control Software solutions. The need for an integrated Command and Control solution is paramount, providing faster response times to security situations, increased security levels and reduced costs. The operator’s job becomes easier, less stressful and more effective. However to tie several sites with different equipment into one seamless control centre, requires a monitoring system that is at home with the majority of protocols and signalling methods. Comvisions Longreach solution and Saab’s Oneview solution are unique in the industry with the ability to integrate dissimilar systems and equipment into one useable Command and Control application. Data is brought from these disparate systems to one control centre and is processed in one management system. Comvision and Saab have achieved this level of integration in Major Government Sites, Town Centres, Prisons, Utilities, Retailers and Telecommunications Companies to name a few. British Telecom’s installation is believed to be the biggest and most advanced security monitoring centre in Europe.



Unlike the majority of enterprise systems, these Command and Control solutions are intended to be used proactively as well as reactively which makes for a far more effective system. They have the ability to integrate CCTV, Alarms, Access Control, Building Management, Audio and Telephony. These Command and Control systems have the ability to automatically act on triggers and events and start the required response processes. For example when an alarm is triggered, CCTV and video equipment are automatically alerted and concentrate on the area of the alarm. ‘Decision support’ assists the operator in taking the right actions when responding to the situation. Just a single touch or click on an icon accepts an alarm and the information is logged and acted upon. With the advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) and optional Touch Screen technology, the simplicity of operation greatly reduces training time. These Command and Control systems are fully automated and are truly open systems using the Windows platform. We already have the drivers and protocols for most of the widely used hardware and new ones are regularly being added to the list.

Visitor Management Systems

Comvision have access to a number of Visitor Management Systems which will replace paper based guest logs and improve and manage visitors more professionally. These systems are also available as integrated modules in our TDSI and Interlogix Access Control Systems making visitor movement fully automated in your security system.