Security Provider License #410575288



GARDiS Access Management Software is an evolution of the existing, user-friendly access control system developed by TDSi. It improves accessibility through ease of installation, with a user-friendly interface that has been developed specifically to accommodate varied users, from Installers to IT Managers. 

Suitable for multiple sites, this development incorporates the new GARDiS Controller Range as well as the existing MG (micrograde) ranges. 

GARDiS has a licensable REST API, allowing customers and providers to integrate 3rd party systems seamlessly with our systems.

Both the design and development have been innovated by customer feedback that specified an interest in a simple and straightforward platform, which requires minimal training. Thanks to the new installer wizard, it removes complexity in the set-up. 

Stepping up to provide the best solution to the latest security challenges, the GARDiS browser-based application provides the most cutting-edge software within the market. Accessible through an internet browser, the application doesn’t require specialist equipment – this provides cost-saving benefits to you. In addition, the reduced requirement for software configuration saves on time.


  • GARDiS requires a single installation which cuts down on overall costs in relation to man-hours and equipment required.
  • The simplified system set-up and registration means installers require minimal training, this saves time and training expenses.
  • Suitable for multiple sites, this development incorporates the new GARDiS Controller range as well as the existing MG ranges.
  • The intuitive nature of the software makes it easy to troubleshoot, reducing call-out costs.
  • GARDiS runs as a service, working autonomously without the need for management by a user.
  • TDSi’s product range is known for its reliability, which means the product requires little maintenance.
  • GARDiS software delivers the same level of security insight as previous software solutions.



  • Office control
  • Site lockdown
  • Fire/emergency door release
  • Software alarms
  • Reporting
  • Licensable REST API
  • Compatible with Wireless Locks: Simons Voss/Aperio
  • Compatible with GARDiS controllers
  • Compatible with Microgarde controllers

GARDiS Software Datasheet