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The Visiotech VC-2 is a wearable video recording solution with up to 14 hours of recording time and built-in GPS location recording.

With its AES-256 video encryption coupled with Super High-Definition video and incredible low-light capability, lone workers, law enforcement, and security agencies can better protect their people and assets.

With Visiotech’s DEMS (Digital Evidence Management Software) and the convenient drop-in docking station, charging and management of recorded data is made easy, secure, and intuitive.


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This lightweight body camera packs a punch with its state-of-the-art features.
Press record and capture the truth securely and know your integrity is never questioned.

The simple and intuitive controls allow users to capture video, audio, and photographs. Go back in time with the cameras pre-recording feature which automatically attaches up to 30 seconds of buffered evidence from before the record button was pressed.

The Visiotech VC Series Body Camera comes equipped with integrated GPS tracking hardware. Location metadata is recorded with video and is displayed on playback to further enhance the captured evidence.



Data is stored on the integrated 64GB solid-state memory and encased in a robust IP67 housing that can withstand even the harshest conditions. Trust your stored data with the inbuilt Advanced Encryption Standard (AES256), adopted by the U.S. government and other intelligence organisations across the world, this high-end encryption standard ensures the integrity of your data. An optional feature of this device is a unique encryption key which can be set for your specific organisation


AES 256 Encryption

DEMS Software

DEMS Live Playback

Dock and Go Technology

With Visiotech’s DEMS (Digital Evidence Management Software), Users simply dock their body camera at the end of their shift and the docking station automatically connects to the camera and uploads the data stored on the camera. Video and Audio files together with Photos and GPS meta-data are managed by Visiotech’s DEMS-Dock software.


Once data is uploaded to the local DEMS machine optional file management features then prepare the body camera for the next shift.

Visiotech’s DEMS docking station features:

  • Dock and walk-away automated camera management
  • User access password protection
  • File management and file encryption
  • Playback supports encrypted and non-encrypted files
  • An encryption key is programmable and unique for your site
  • Review and Tag incident footage
  • Export of incident footage
  • GPS Location displayed on a map during playback
  • Fast 3.5-hour charge
DEMS Query



                            VisioTech VC body worn camera front view in cradle                       






Visiotech VC-SERIES Body Worn Camera


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