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The Visiotech DEMS Plus software is a simple Dock and go software to retrieve the recorded footage from the visiotech body worn cameras. When paired with Visiotech’s single port cradles or multi-port docking station, DEMS enables the users to plug the camera correctly into the Docks and walk away, the footage is then automatically retrieved and stored in the configured location.

DEMS Plus also extracts and stores encrypted footage with AES encryption.

The recorded footage files are uploaded to DEMS and stored with the video, audio, GPS positioning and Date/Time within the one file.


VisioTech DEMS Pro Docking Software


Dock and walk-away automated camera management
User access password protection
File management and file encryption
Playback supports encrypted and non-encrypted video files
Encryption key is programmable and unique for your site
Review and Tag incident footage
Export of incident footage
GPS Location displayed on map during playback



map pinGPS positioning

With GPS location metadata is recorded with video and is displayed on playback to further enhance the captured evidence. To help with evidence of where the person was when the incident happened.



Trust your stored data with the inbuilt Advanced Encryption Standard (AES256), adopted by the U.S. government and other intelligence organisations across the world, this high-end encryption standard ensures the integrity and security of your data. An optional feature of this device is a unique encryption key which can be set for your specific organisation.


VisioTech DEMS Docking station computer with keyboard


Dock and Go Technology

With Visiotech’s DEMS (Digital Evidence Management Software), Users simply dock their body camera at the end of their shift and the docking station automatically connects to the camera and uploads the data stored on the camera. Video and Audio files together with Photos and GPS meta-data are managed by Visiotech’s DEMS-Dock software

Docking Station for Multiple








Visiotech Body Camera Mounting and Docking Accessories

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