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Visiotech’s DEMS Live Intelligent Command Centre Software creates real time situation awareness by delivering live tracking of body cameras on the GIS mapping screen. Live streaming of video and audio can be activated from the command centre or from the body cameras duress alarm feature.

Command centre staff are able to effectively coordinate security staff and emergency services by deploying the required help based on staff location and the current operational environment.



Track and locate body camera locations on GIS map in real-time
Stream live video and audio from body cameras
Produce detailed tracking reports of body cameras to reveal individual routes, timing in locations and speed
Monitor and control alarm events from body cameras in real-time
Take snapshot pictures and record incidents as they occur
Produce statistical reports
Download and playback incident video from body cameras
Automatically upload duress alarm video from your body cameras


DEMS Live Software

LIVE GPS positioning

GPS location metadata is recorded with video and is displayed on playback to further enhance the captured evidence. This helps with evidence of where the person was when the incident occurred.





DEMS Live GPS PlaybackGPS Playback

Query the historical trajectory of a specific person at a specific time through the control panel and learn the running trajectory route of the vehicle. You can view the Person’s data through the table below the map, as well as the speed and GPS coordinates.




DEMS Live Video Playback

Video Playback

VisioTechs DEMS Live Software allows for playback of recorded duress video files, which shows the GPS locations during the recorded event




2-Way Audio Communication

When coupled with a VS series of Cameras, Visiotechs DEMS Live Software can be used as a two-way radio or emergency communication device, turning your body worn cameras into body worn communication devices. The enables a reduction of devices required by field operatives and control center operators.



Live Duress Alarms

When coupled with a VS series Camera, VisioTechs DEMS Live Software can be used as a mobile duress device that will automatically start streaming video and audio to a control room operator’s workstation.

Once a duress is initiated, the field operative does not have to press another button to have two-way communication with the control center (operator), as the operator is the one responsible for their Push-To-Talk (PTT) operation, otherwise, the audio is always live from the field device until the duress situation is cleared.



Other Live Alarms

By configuring the alarm linkage function in the PC client, you can specify one or more types of alarms to be generated In the client and the alarm window can be highlighted in red to remind the operator and set the electronic map lock function.



Web Client

Using the Web Client you connect from any device and view live video, live GPS positions of personnel and playback from recorded duress alarms.
This allows staff and managers to quickly view cameras without the need for installed software.