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Body Worn Video Cameras

All Visiotech Body Worn Cameras offer up to 16 hours of continuous 1080p real-time onboard AES-256 encrypted recordings, in an all-weather, shock-resistant case with Infrared (IR) capabilities. WiFi / 4G video streaming and Live 2-way audio communication and monitoring are available in some models.

Personal body cameras backed by intuitive features

User Friendly

Used to increase workplace safety and decrease the prevalence of security threats, Comvision’s line of Visiotech Body Worn Video (BWV) Cameras are highly intelligent covert units that are ergonomic, comprehensive, and resistant to a range of environments – including low-light. The devices record clear video and audio and allow the user to modify resolution settings to best suit their needs.

Clear Comms

With consistent 4G connectivity enabling strong broadcasting capabilities, communications can be sent back to a monitoring centre or control base. This real-time solution delivers enhanced levels of personnel safety, improved emergency response times, and functional ingenuity like never before.

Undeniable Benefits

Our range of personal body cameras offer an increased level of user safety, better collection of evidence when needed, enhanced user culpability to support a collaboration of facts, and the opportunity to use real-life experiences for training purposes. Our award-winning range (Product of the year award – 2019 Australian Security Expo) of Visiotech Body Worn Cameras offer:

  • Industry-leading 9-14 hours of continuous 30FPS 1080p recording or longer 
  • On-device playback (admin can disable as required)
  • Device Encryption with AES-256 (with custom encryption key as required)
  • Password protected video deletions
  • Device Telemetry including 7-digit Device ID and 6-digit User ID, Date/Time Stamp, GPS coordinates are watermarked into the video.
  • Excellent Low Light capabilities with IR (Infra-Red) illumination and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) ensure intelligible recordings in all lighting conditions.

Explore our Visotech body-worn video camera range:


Visiotech VC Series

VisioTech VC body worn camera front view in cradle The Visiotech VC Series is a wearable video recording solution with up to 14 hours of recording time and built-in GPS location recording. With its AES-256 video encryption coupled with Super High-Definition video and incredible low-light capability, lone workers, law enforcement and security agencies can better protect their people and assets.



Visiotech VS Series

VisioTech VS-X Body Camera front view angled on white background

This device is a state-of-the-art wearable video recording solution with the capability of providing real-time, high-quality audio and video streaming together with GPS location mapping back to a monitoring control centre. This inherent real-time situation awareness provides agencies with improved emergency response times, staff safety and active intelligence.



Visiotech Body Worn Video Camera DEMS Plus Software

VisioTech DEMS Docking station computer with keyboard Visiotech’s DEMS (Digital Evidence Management Software) means users simply dock the camera at the end of their shift and the docking station automatically connects to the device and uploads the data stored on it. Video and Audio files together with Photos and GPS meta-data are managed by Visiotech’s DEMS-Dock software



Visiotech Body Worn DEMS Live Software


Visiotech’s DEMS Intelligent Command Centre Software creates real-time situation awareness by delivering live tracking of body cameras on the GIS mapping screen. Live streaming of video and audio can be activated from the command centre or from the body cameras duress alarm feature. Command centre staff are able to effectively coordinate security staff and emergency services by deploying the required help based on staff location and the current operational environment.




Visiotech Body Worn Accessories

Mounting and Docking solutions for the Visiotech range of body worn cameras