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Command and Control Solutions (PSIM)

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Comvision has designed and implemented Security Control Rooms and Integrated Command and Control Software solutions since 1999, in many of Australia’s and the world’s landmark installations.

The need for an integrated Command and Control solution is paramount, providing faster response times to security situations, increased security levels and reduced costs. The operator’s job becomes easier, less stressful and more effective. However, to tie several sites with different equipment into one seamless control center, requires a monitoring system that is at home with the majority of protocols and signalling methods.

Why AppVision by Prysm

Comvision’s AppVision by Prysm solution is unique in the industry, not because of its ability to integrate dissimilar systems or equipment into one useable Command and Control application, other PSIMs can do that, right? But is it easy? This is where Appvisions™ functionality comes into its own. Data is collected from these disparate systems to one control center and is processed in one management system. The AppVision Solution has achieved this level of integration in Major Government Sites, Town Centers, Prisons, Utilities, Retailers and Telecommunications Companies across the globe.

Unlike the majority of enterprise systems, Appvisions™ Command and Control solutions are intended to be used proactively as well as reactively which makes for a far more effective system. AppVision has the ability to integrate CCTV, Alarms, Access Control, Building Management, Audio and Telephony out of the box. AppVision Command and Control systems have the ability to automatically act on triggers and events from any attached system and start the required response processes.
For example:

  1. When an alarm is triggered, CCTV and video equipment are automatically alerted and concentrate on the area of the alarm.
  2. ‘Decision support’ assists the operator in taking the right actions when responding to the situation. Just a single touch or click on an icon accepts an alarm and the information is logged and acted upon.
  3. When a phone or intercom call is received, a camera can be called to the operator’s screen, showing the area of the caller’s location.
  4. Almost any event from any connected system can generate an event that can be easily configured to perform an automated response.









An ergonomic graphical interface to configure and create working environments adapted to operator needs. Intuitive and efficient alarm management: the operator is guided by instructions or procedures via workflows. A servo motor to create interactions on events or alarms between equipment of different types and brands. Creation of maps thanks to the numerous graphic formats (PNG, JPEG, DWG…) and GIS cartography (OpenStreetMap, ArcGIS…) supported. AppVideo ™ makes it possible to federate and control video systems from different manufacturers and technologies (VMS, NVR, fixed cameras, domes, PTZ, etc.)











AppControl ™ integrates multiple access control systems from different brands into a single interface to simplify the complete management of rights: access profiles, badges, time slots, etc. AppMaintenance ™ centralizes the management of the maintenance of connected systems: planning of periodic maintenance, replacement of batteries or specific parts, error reports, notifications, etc. Our range of architecture allows you to choose the one that will be best suited to your project: single-server, federation, redundancy, mirror servers. Our SIP client allows the management of a large number of intercoms and audio systems on the market. Conversations can be recorded and encrypted. To customize your project, we offer a range of options: handrail, email / SMS notification, multilingual, scenario engine, OPC server, SNMP, BACnet, visitor management, statistics, etc.




Simplicity of Design

With the advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) and optional Touch Screen technology, the simplicity of operation greatly reduces training time.

Integration Technology

The AppVision™ Command and Control systems are fully automated and are truly open systems using the Windows platform. We already have the drivers and protocols for most of the widely used hardware and new ones are regularly being added to the list. If the drivers don’t exist, integration is far easier in Prysm than any other PSIM we have seen to date.


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